About me

Ali Turnbull
SfEP Advanced Member

fit to print is me – Ali Turnbull – and a huge network of talented copywriters, editors, designers, illustrators, web developers, photographers and printers. Most of us have our bricks and mortar in Cumbria and Lancashire, but social media has brought us together with professionals from all over the world.

I’ve been an editor for more than 30 years in periodical, book and web publishing, including Running Magazine, Under Five, Bounty.com and the Health and Safety Executive. I used to specialise in health, sport and fitness subjects. But then people started to ask me to work on topics I knew nothing about, like extreme fire juggling or chicken-boning machinery.

I'm an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), the UK professional organisation for people who work to make text accurate and readable. I'm an active and enthusiastic member of the Penrith Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

When I'm not working, or gazing out of my office window at the incredible Northern Fells, you'll find me walking on them. Proving that you can teach old dogs new tricks, I have just taken up the trombone and joined the Penrith Town Band. And on Thursday mornings you'll find me at Eden Rural Foyer helping people of a certain age to make their first steps online.